• My Journey to Myanmar Pt. 5

    Towards the end of my trip in Myanmar I headed south towards Yangon.  I had a few days left on my visa and didn’t have anything booked to leave the country which kind of gave me the freedom to explore a little before finally exiting.  

    Usually when a person thinks of Myanmar (if they ever do) they don’t think about beaches.  However, to my surprise, they have a quiet and beautiful beach nestled on the Western coast.  About a 4 hour bus ride from Yangon, Ngwe Saung Beach isn’t as beautiful as some of the beaches in neighboring Thailand but for what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in seclusion.  

    It definitely isn’t bustling with tourist yet which makes for a quiet and relaxing authentic beach experience.  They are building brand new resorts such as the one seen in the photo but they are currently almost completely vacant.  Go and take advantage of this tranquil beach before it becomes another stomping ground for the mass of tourist.

  • My Journey to Myanmar Pt. 4

    Smoking kills… But mainly because of all the extra harmful substances the multi-billion dollar corporations put in our cigarettes. This tribe elder from central Myanmar has been smoking natural tobacco all of her life which she happily decided to share with me.


  • My Journey to Myanmar Pt. 3

    This weathered farmer was the last photograph I took before stumbling across a nomadic opium tribe in Northern Myanmar. There was a group of about 20 people living in makeshift tents hiding out in the middle of a wheat field doing an assortment of drugs. Of course not a single one of them spoke English but they were very friendly and quite coherent considering the situation.

  • My Journey to Myanmar Pt. 2

    My curiosity to explore the north of Myanmar resulted in me ending up on the standard class train from Mandalay to Lashio.  An adventurous 16 hour train ride that only cost $4.  There were a few foreigners that got on the train with us but they all got off at stops within a few hours. My friend and I were the only foreigners to go that far north and we didn’t stop there, taking a taxi a few hours north of Lashio to the Shan state in a city called Muse (on the border of China) which was as far as we could go north due to a civil war currently happening in the Kachin state.

  • My Journey to Myanmar Pt. 1

    Mandalay, Myanmar (formerly Burma) was my first stop in the country.  One thing you quickly realize is how strict they are about removing your footwear upon entering a sacred location. I’ve been to just about every country in Southeast Asia and I would have to say this was the strictest. This picture was taken at the top of Mandalay Hill about an hour walk up stairs all barefoot. (Didn’t realize there was an elevator on the backside). 

  • The Inevitability of Starting a Travel Blog

    It seems that some things are simply just out of our control.  I had never planned on starting a travel blog.  In fact, I was against it for the longest time.  However, due to popular demand and constant inquiries I have decided to start one.  Being African American, traveling to over 60 countries before the age of 25, living in Afghanistan for 4 years, driving across the country of Vietnam via motorcycle, and etc etc… I guess its safe to say that I can provide the pubic with some interesting material.